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Leonard School

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In the late 1890s, Sam Luther donated the land at this site for a school. At the time, most residents of the Leonard Community were Polish, German and Czech immigrants who were drawn to the area by the Brazos River’s rich soil. The Leonard School went through the eighth grade and emphasized vocational agricultural training. Students at the Leonard School got out from April to October to help their parents harvest cotton. The school’s two classrooms were separated by a divider that could be moved to convert the building into a public meeting place. After the students went home, the Leonard School hosted dances, weddings, pageants, Sunday schools and local elections. African American students went to a separate school on Silver Hill Road, two miles away.

Over time Leonard’s small rural community began to change. The school did not have running water or electricity until the Rural Electrification Administration reached the area in the 1930s. Starting in 1932, Brazos County Superintendent Mrs. W.E. Neeley ran a “Bookwagon” that delivered books to Leonard School students during the summer months. In the 1940s, buses began taking graduates of the Leonard School to high school in Bryan. The age of small rural schools was ending as the county decided it was more cost effective to bus all of its students to school in Bryan or College Station. In 1978, the Office of County Superintendent was abolished. The humble two-room Leonard schoolhouse, which had served its students and its community for fifty years, was closed in 1946 and the building was moved.

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First Christian Church

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First Christian Church of Bryan/College Station

Bryan was first platted as a town in 1860 and was formally incorporated as the City of Bryan in 1871. The First Christian Church was organized in Bryan in 1866 and early meetings were held in local businesses and private homes. Colonel J.S. Proctor and Judge Spencer Ford were prominent in the organization of the First Christian Church and in the civic life of Bryan during this time. The first sanctuary was built in 1868 on the corner of 27th and Dallas Streets, now Texas Avenue. The building was constructed with red brick and featured a steeple and bell but was torn down and replaced with a new building in 1907. However, in December 1925, the church and all records were destroyed by a fire. The congregation held services in the Masonic Lodge building until the new church was completed in 1928.

In the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Bryan and College Station saw a rise in military personnel. With the end of WWII, the area continued to grow and congregants soon realized the need for expansion. The church began acquiring land on Ennis Street, with just over two acres of land by 1962. The new structure on Ennis Street was dedicated in March 1961 with expansions made in 1974 and 2009. Around this time, the church formally changed its name from First Christian Church of Bryan to First Christian Church of Bryan/College Station. Over the years, the church has been involved with many public and church projects and programs, including youth and community outreach, disaster relief, hospice, mission work and more. As one of the first religious organizations in the town of Bryan, the First Christian Church’s heritage of service continues into the 21st century.


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